I’m sorry, did we have an earthquake………?

Cheltenham is an affluent town right? We host one of the countries most prestigious horse racing festivals, and in a few weeks don’t we have a renowned literature festival happening here? Not to mention all the other festivals and events that take place throughout the year. We should be proud to be ‘Cheltonians’ shouldn’t we?

Well lately I am not. It sounds like such a petty thing to complain about but god damn our pavements are terrible! I walk Cheltenham’s footpaths for over 5 miles every day just taking my son to and from school. On that journey I encounter many dangerous and down right disgusting pavements.

Firstly you have the cracks and pot holes. Sometimes when I am pushing the pushchair I will get a front wheel stuck in a hole and when I am walking at speed (which I always am, I am a busy Mum!) it causes the whole thing to launch forward and leaving my baby at risk of whip lash or something, its horrible. A few times when navigating the lumps and bumps in the pavements the pushchair has nearly toppled over. Not to mention the trip hazard this is to young children running along and I imagine old people and disabled people are having a pig getting around as well. My Nan visited over the summer as was in constant fear of tripping on our terrible streets.

All of these pictures were taken this morning on our route to school.

WP_001475 WP_001478 WP_001479 WP_001481 WP_001482 WP_001484 WP_001487

I am sending this to Cheltenham Borough Council and to them I would like to say… THIS IS DANGEROUS, PLEASE FIX IT BEFORE SOMEBODY GETS HURT.

Secondly is a problem that makes my blood boil and my stomach churn. Dog poo. I could have taken MANY pictures of it on our way to school, but lucky for you I am not that person. Its disgusting, vile and uncivilized, where is peoples common decency? Why should I have to spend an hour of my time every single day repeatedly telling my 4 year old to “mind the poo”. One day he will step in it unknown to me and drag it onto the classroom carpet for young children to get on their fingers and who knows what nasty bugs will go around.

The Council have put up some dog fouling stickers on lamp posts, yeah that’s working for you guys. Well Done. How about you put up some cameras? Put pictures of the offenders and their dogs in the nearby shops? Shame these people? I know its ultimately down to these particular dog owners to be decent humans, but as that’s clearly not going to happen so please please lets get proactive about it?

Can you help me by passing this post around? Link it on Facebook or Twitter, lets see if we can get something done, lets see if Cheltenham can live up to it reputation as being a nice place to live!!

I can’t be the only one this bothers, can I?

3 thoughts on “I’m sorry, did we have an earthquake………?

  1. Wow the pavements are bad – I do hope they respond. Every thing is money money money isn’t it. The dog poo they prob aren’t allowed to do that – I have no idea why people leave it there. I live near a park and what’s worse is kids emptying the dog poo bins – why on Earth would you do that!

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