Point + Shoot Weekend 9/10 November

.Well this weekend we got out and about and did some scouting for some reviews later in the week. Both activities had to be fun for the kids and kind on my foot!

So on grotty rainy Saturday we headed to Blooms for tea, cake, soft play and shopping! Then on Sunday we went to the Remembrance Service in town, like we do every year. The boys are going to be of a generation that grow up without many, if any, relatives that lived through the war, so we are passionate about making sure we pass on the importance to show respect to those who have fallen for our liberty. Then we headed up to Painswick Beacon. A pretty walking spot very close to the car park, ideal for the very young, very old and bozo’s with broken feet! Here is a sneak peek….

WP_001670 WP_001680 WP_20131110_036 WP_20131110_024 (1) WP_20131110_032 (1)




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